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Bexley FC Golf Society

Bexley FC Golf Society has three golf days a year.  The first being on St. George’s Day or as near to that date as possible. The second is The Summer Cup, normally held in June, and the Winter Cup normally held in November.

The Society is open for anyone who is associated with Bexley FC i.e. players, past players or parents of players.

Anyone wishing to join please email: Lindsay Winfield

Previous winners of the Bexley FC Golf Days 


St George’s Day



Summer Cup



Winter Cup



Team Captain


2006 Mark Bellingham Daemon Bear Dave Fuller Graham Smith
2007 Terry Teal Terry Peck Dave Fuller Geoff Fulton
2008 Matt Coulson Terry Peck Paul Sargent Daemon Bear
2009 Steve Dallenegra John Dixie Colin Carr Terry French
2010 Matt Coulson Matt Coulson Steve Nagle Terry Teal
2011 Steve Dallenegra Chris Coulson John Dixie Paul Carr
2012 Grant Jordan Nick Buckland Linden Taylor Terry Peck
2013 Andy Nichols Steve Stock Andy Nichols Sean Sims
2014   Steve Nagle Steve Stock Gary Tierney
2015 Shaun Collins Dave Warr Steve Stock Darren Busby
2016 Colin Carr John Staines Tom Kelly Brian Wahl
2017       Ricky Wilson


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